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Short visits Kola Peninsula


Murmansk; World's biggest city above the Polar Circle:


What can you see in Murmansk? Everything what you will prefer!
  • The city has a Region Historical Museum, where you can listen to an excursion in English language. The museum includes historical, mineralogical, nature, cultural and other exhibitions.
  • You can visit the Pictures’ exhibitions of different painters or the Sport Museum where you will know about the famous sportsmen and a story of the development of the Northern sports.
  • In the Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography you will meet the fascinating world of the dwellers of the sea bottom.
  • The Museum of Northern Navy will show you different models of military ships and submarines, uniforms of the Russian navy military and many other things connected to Northern Russian Navy.
  • Regional Centre of Folk Arts may interest you in the special for Russia kind of handicraft.
  • You can visit Russian Orthodox Temples and enjoy listening to a nice church choir.
  • You will see the enormous Memorial of a Warrior named by citizens ‘Alesha’ which dominates above the city like a huge tower.
  • You can have a walk in the shining with lights city in Winter time, or under the never setting sun in Summer.
  • And at night you can have dinner in a restaurant with a nice variety show.
How to travel to Murmansk?
You can easily reach this northern Russian city by own car, regular busses from Finland or Norway, or by airplane; Murmansk has an international and domestic airport.
Visa Support: You take care about your own program, we take care for the reservations and visa support. Our website contains of a lot of information about the Kola Peninsula, the history, our culture, the cities and the places of interests which can be useful to create your own sightseeing program. When you send us your request, please, give us the following information:
  • The kind of accommodation (economy, standard, business or luxurious class of hotel)
  • Your arrival and departure dates on the Kola Peninsula.
  • What kind of transport you want to use to come to Murmansk.
  • Your preferences for sightseeing (museums, historical or ancient places, nature places and cetera.) If you don’t inform your preferences we assume that you are interested in the example program, where we have chosen the most interesting places of all kinds.
We will confirm your request by e-mail or fax. When you use our service we will make your staying in Murmansk easy and pleasant. You can be free from guiding and feel in Murmansk like a fish in the water. Our service includes:
  • An invitation for making a Russian visa in the Russian Embassy and information how to do that in the easiest way.
  • Information how and where to come to the Kola Peninsula and how to cross the Russian border.
  • Information about the kind of insurances or documents are necessary for your purposes.
  • Hotel Bookings.
  • City maps with showing places of interests.
  • Advices what to see the best, where to eat the best and where to have a fun the best.
  • Information about prices for excursions and food.
  • Our stand-by telephone numbers, so that you always can be in contact with us if you need additional help.
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